Axiom Nepal provides various services to the corporates i.e. BFIs, Insurance, Industries, Enterprises, SMEs,Co-operatives, Hydropower, Hospitality Industry, Educational Consultancy, Manpower and many others. Our services are focused on

·         Improved Employee Performance

·         Consistency

·         Employee Satisfaction

·         Organizational Development

·         Optimal Uses of Resources

·         Long-Term Profitability

·         Increased Productivity

·         Addressing Weakness

·         Business Development

·         Coordination

·         Strategic Business Planning

·         Enhancement in Competitiveness.

·         Market Research

·         Manpower Planning

·         System Development

·         Event Management

Other Services

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For those who need to achieve development of their competencies – the skills , knowledge, abilities and other attributes related to their job duties and individual growth for the benefit of their personal and professional life.

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